Human Relations
More than ever, effective human relations skills are crucial to business success as organizations grow and compete in a global business environment.  Employees must have the knowledge and skill to adapt to a workplace where changes is as frequent as it is inevitable.
The authors commitment to the creation of a book that is at once interesting to read, motivating to study, and relevant to a wide variety of students has been the driving force behind Human Relation

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part 1: Human Relations and You
Chapter 1: Human Relations: A Background
Chapter 2: Self-Concept and Self-Esteem in Human Relations
Chapter 3: Self-Awareness and Self-Disclosure
Chapter 4: Attitudes and Values in Human Relations
Chapter 5: Motivation: Increasing Productivity
Part 2: Human Relations in Groups
Chapter 6: Communication and Human Relations
Chapter 7: People, Groups, and Teams
Chapter 8: Achieving Emotional Control
Part 3: Building Your Human Relations Skills
Chapter 9: Individual and Organizational Change
Chapter 10: Creativity and Human Relations
Chapter 11: Conflict Management
Chapter 12: Stress and Stress Management
Chapter 13: Your External and Internal Customers
Part 4: Thriving in a Changing World
Chapter 14: Human Relations in a World of Diversity
Chapter 15: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Chapter 16: A Productive Workplace and Success