Human Genetics
Human Genetics

Human Genetics

12th Edition
By Ricki Lewis
ISBN10: 1259700933
ISBN13: 9781259700934
Copyright: 2018

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Program Details

P A R T  1 

C H A P T E R  1 
What Is in a Human Genome?  
C H A P T E R  2 
C H A P T E R  3 
Meiosis, Development, and Aging  
P A R T  2 
Transmission Genetics  
C H A P T E R  4 
Single-Gene Inheritance 
C H A P T E R  5 
Beyond Mendel’s Laws 
C H A P T E R  6 
Matters of Sex 
C H A P T E R  7 
Multifactorial Traits 
C H A P T E R 8 
Genetics of Behavior 
P A R T  3 
DNA and Chromosomes  
C H A P T E R  9 
DNA Structure and Replication 
C H A P T E R  10 
Gene Action: From DNA to Protein 
C H A P T E R  11 
Gene Expression and Epigenetics 
C H A P T E R  12 
Gene Mutation 
C H A P T E R  13 
P A R T  4 
Population Genetics 
C H A P T E R  14 
Constant Allele Frequencies and DNA Forensics  
C H A P T E R  15 
Changing Allele Frequencies 
C H A P T E R  16 
Human Ancestry and Evolution 
P A R T  5 
Immunity and Cancer  
C H A P T E R  17 
Genetics of Immunity 
C H A P T E R 18 
Cancer Genetics and Genomics  
P A R T  6 
Genetic Technology 
C H A P T E R  19 
DNA Technologies 
C H A P T E R  20 
Genetic Testing and Treatment  
C H A P T E R  21 
Reproductive Technologies 
C H A P T E R  22