Human Factors In Engineering and Design
Table of Contents

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I Introduction

1 Human Factors and Systems

2 Human Factors Research Methodologies

II Information Input

3 Information Input and Processing

4 Text, Graphics, Symbols, and Codes

5 Visual Displays of Dynamic Information

6 Auditory, Tactual, and Olfactory Displays

7 Speech Communications

III Human Output and Control

8 Physical Work and Manual Materials Handling

9 Motor Skills

10 Human Control of Systems

11 Controls and Data Entry Devices

12 Hand Tools and Devices

IV Workplace Design

13 Applied Anthropometry, Work Space Design, and Seating

14 Arrangement of Components within a Physical Space

15 Interpersonal Aspects of Work Place Design

V Environmental Conditions

16 Illumination

17 Climate

18 Noise

19 Motion

VI Human Factors Applications

20 Human Error, Accidents, and Safety

21 Human Factors and the Automobile

22 Human Factors in Systems Design


A List of Abbreviations

B Control Devices

C NIOSH Recommended Action Limit Formula for Lifting Tasks