How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Word 2007
Table of Contents

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Program Details

Chapter 1: Get Up to Speed with Word 2007

Chapter 2: Create and Edit Documents

Chapter 3: Navigate, Enter Text, Use Find

Chapter 4: Format Text Efficiently

Chapter 5: Lay Out Pages and Use Headers and Footers

Chapter 6: Check Spelling, Grammar, Research and Translation

Chapter 7: Add Graphics, Diagrams and Borders to Your Documents

Chapter 8: Print and Fax Documents

Chapter 9: Make Word Easier to Use

Chapter 10: Share, Edit, and Revise Documents

Chapter 11: Create Tables and Columns

Chapter 12: Create Bookmarks, References, Footnotes, and Indexes

Chapter 13: Blog and Create Web Pages with Word

Chapter 14: Create Forms to Collect Data

Chapter 15: Use Fields to Streamline Documents

Chapter 16: Mail Merge Letters and More

Chapter 17: Use Outlines and Create Master Documents

Chapter 18: Protect Your Valuable Documents

Appendix: Keyboard Shortcuts