How to Do Everything with Microsoft Office Excel 2007
Table of Contents

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Part I: Get Started with Excel

Chapter 1: Navigate the Excel Screen

Chapter 2: Configure Excel to Suit Your Working Needs

Chapter 3: Create Spreadsheets and Enter Data

Chapter 4: Format Worksheets for Best Effect

Chapter 5: Add Graphics and Drawings to Worksheets

Chapter 6: Check, Lay Out, and Print Worksheets

Part II: Calculate, Manipulate, and Analyze Data

Chapter 7: Perform Calculations with Functions

Chapter 8: Create Formulas to Perform Custom Calculations

Chapter 9: Organize Data with Excel Databases

Chapter 10: Outline and Consolidate Worksheets

Chapter 11: Analyze Data Using PivotTables and PivotCharts

Chapter 12: Solve Problems by Performing What-If Analysis

Part III: Share, Publish, and Present Data

Chapter 13: Create Effective Charts to Present Data Visually

Chapter 14: Share Workbooks and Collaborate with Colleagues

Chapter 15: Using Excel's Web Capabilities

Chapter 16: Use Excel with the Other Office Applications

Part IV: Customize and Program Excel

Chapter 17: Customize Excel's Interface

Chapter 18: Use Macros to Automate Tasks

Appendix: Keyboard Shortcuts