High Performance Healthcare: Using the Power of Relationships to Achieve Quality, Efficiency and Resilience https://www.mheducation.com/cover-images/Jpeg_250-high/0071621768.jpeg?404URL=https://shop.mheducation.com/mhshopweb/images/no_cover_140.png
Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part I: Relational Coordination and High Performance Healthcare
Chapter 1: The Challenges We Face
Chapter 2: Relational Coordination as a Driver of Cost and Quality Performance
Chapter 3: Relational Coordination and Resilience under Pressure

Part II: Building Relational Coordination
Chapter 4: Develop Leadership at the Front-Line
Chapter 5: Hire and Train for Relational Competence
Chapter 6: Measure and Reward Performance Broadly
Chapter 7: Resolve Conflicts Proactively
Chapter 8: Design Jobs for Focus
Chapter 9: Create Boundary Spanners
Chapter 10: Connect Through Pathways and Protocols
Chapter 11: Broaden Participation in Team Meetings
Chapter 12: Establish Information Systems
Chapter 13: Partner with Your Suppliers

Part III: Getting from Here to There
Chapter 14: Overcome the Obstacles to Change
Chapter 15: Support High Performance Healthcare at the Industry Level