The Handbook for Quality Management, Second Edition
Table of Contents

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I: Quality Standards
Total quality management (TQM); Continuous process improvement; Cycle-time reduction; Supplier management; Customer service; Quality award/quality standards criteria
II: Customer Satisfaction/ Focus
Elements of customer-driven organizations; Customer expectations, priorities, needs, and "voice"; Predictability of systems; Customer feedback systems; Customer management and conflict resolution; Benchmarking; Innovation
III: A Model for Business-Integrated Quality Systems Continual Organizational Assessments:
• Cost of Quality
• Value Stream Analysis
• Risk Assessment
Integrated Quality Functions; Communication within the organization
IV: Constraint Management
The systems approach; Basic constraint management principles and concepts; Tools of constraint management; Constraint management measurements
V: Lean Thinking
Value; V Stream; Flow; Pull; Perfection
VI: Six Sigma Design and Improvement Methods
What is Six Sigma; Six Sigma in terms of cost; Success stories; Infrastructure; Project focus; Methodology
VII: Supply Chain Management
VIII: Statistical Analysis of Processes