Gregg College Keyboarding & Document Processing (GDP); Lessons 1-120, main text
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Introduction to the Student

Reference Manual

Part 1 The Alphabet, Number, and Symbol Keys

UNIT 1 Keyboarding : The Alphabet

UNIT 2 Keyboarding : The Alphabet

UNIT 3 Keyboarding : Numbers and Symbols

UNIT 4 Keyboarding : Numbers and Symbols

Part 2 Basic Business Documents

UNIT 5 Word Processing and E-Mail

UNIT 6 Correspondence

Unit 7 Reports

UNIT 8 Tables

Part 3 Correspondence, Reports, and Employment Documents

UNIT 9 Correspondence

UNIT 10 Reports

UNIT 11 Employment Documents

UNIT 12 Skillbuilding and In-Basket Review

Part 4 Advanced Formatting

UNIT 13 Skill Refinement

UNIT 14 Correspondence

UNIT 15 Reports

UNIT 16 Tables

Part 5 Specialized Applications

UNIT 17 International Formatting

UNIT 18 Formal Report Project

UNIT 19 Medical Office Documents

UNIT 20 Legal Office Documents

Part 6 Using and Designing Business Documents

UNIT 21 Using and Designing Office Forms

UNIT 22 Designing Office Publications

UNIT 23 Online Resumes and Merged Documents

UNIT 24 Skillbuilding and In-Basket Review