Global Project Management Handbook: Planning, Organizing and Controlling International Projects, Second Edition
Table of Contents

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Part 1: State of the Art Global Project Management

Chapter 1.The Evolution of Project Management

Chapter 2. Project Management: A Business Process of the Project-Oriented Company

Chapter 3. The Future of Project Management: Mapping the Dynamics of Project Management Field in Action

Chapter 4. Total Life-Cycle System Management

Chapter 5. Developing Multinational Project Teams

Chapter 6. Risk Identification and Assessment for International Construction Projects

Chapter 7. Program Management and Project Portfolio Management

Part 2: Competency Factors in Project Management

Chapter 8. Competencies of Project Managers

Chapter 9. Managing Risks and Uncertainty in Major Projects in the New Global Environment

Chapter 10. Managing Human Energy in the Project-Oriented Company

Chapter 11. Managing Project Management Personnel and Their Competencies in the Project-Oriented Company

Chapter 12. Lessons Learned: Rebuilding Iraq in 2004

Chapter 13. Project Critical Success Factors: The Project-Implementation Profile

Part 3: Management of Global Programs and Projects

Chapter 14. Project Management for Outsourcing Decisions

Chapter 15. Project Quality Management in International Projects

Chapter 16. Success Factors in Virtual Global Software Projects

Chapter 17. Managing Global Projects Over a Collaborative Knowledge Framework

Part 4: Management of the Project-Oriented Company

Chapter 18. Management of the Project-Oriented Company;

Chapter 19. Project Portfolio Score Card

Chapter 20. Partnering in Projects

Chapter 21. Business Process Management in the Project-Oriented Company

Part 5: National Project Management

Chapter 22. Project Management in Austria: Analysis of the Maturity of Austria as a Project-Oriented Nation

Chapter 23. A Brief Insight of Project Management in the Mainland of China

Chapter 24. Project Management in Australia

Chapter 25. Project Management in Romania

Chapter 26. Japanese Project Management Practices on Global Projects