Geotechnical Engineering
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Igneous Rocks, Ultimate Sources for Soils

Chapter 3: Special Problems with Sedimentary Rocks

Chapter 4: Soils That Are Sediments

Chapter 5: The Soil Profile

Chapter 6: Soil Minerals

Chapter 7: Particle Size and Gradation

Chapter 8: Soil Fabric and Structure

Chapter 9: Soil Density and Unit Weight

Chapter 10: Soil Water

Chapter 11: Pore Water Pressure, Capillary Water, and Frost Action

Chapter 12: Soil Consistency and Engineering Classification

Chapter 13: Compaction

Chapter 14: Seepage

Chapter 15: Stress Distribution in Soil

Chapter 16: Settlement

Chapter 17: Time-Rate of Settlement

Chapter 18: Soil Shear Strength

Chapter 19: Lateral Stress and Retaining Walls

Chapter 20: Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls and an Introduction to Soil Nailing

Chapter 21: Slope Stability and Landslides

Chapter 22: Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations

Chapter 23: Deep Foundations

Chapter 24: Intermediate Foundations and Ground Improvement

Chapter 25: Underground Conduits

Chapter 26: In Situ Soil and Rock Tests

Chapter 27: Introduction to Soil Dynamics

Chapter 28: Geotechnical Investigation and Report

Appendix A: Elastic Solutions for Horizontal Pressures on Retaining Walls Resulting from Surface Loads