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Laura Abbott

Laura Abbott is an NCTMB certified massage therapist having graduated from Academy of Somatic Healing Arts in Atlanta October 2000. She earned her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science in 1987 and her master’s degree in Sports Medicine in 1988 from Georgia State University. She interned at Emory University Cardiac Rehabilitation and at Georgia Institute of Technology Athletic Department. Laura worked with Federal Occupational Health training and educating Federal Law Enforcement officers and traveled around the country presenting continuing education programs for many years. She has been quoted in Ladies Home Journal magazine (Nov. 2000) and was a featured speaker for the Speaking of Women’s Health Expo for 2 consecutive years. Laura also has presented at the National American College of Sports Medicine conference and currently teaches in the Kinesiology and Health department at Georgia State University and in the massage therapy department at Georgia Medical Institute (Corinthian Colleges, Inc). She has owned and operated Premier Performance, Inc. in Atlanta since 1991 which specializes in exercise and massage rehabilitative therapies and continuing education programs.