Fundamentals of Thermal-Fluid Sciences
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Table of Contents

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1) Introduction and Overview

Part One - Thermodynamics

2) Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics

3) Energy, Energy Transfer, and General Energy Analysis

4) Properties of Pure Substances

5) Energy Analysis of Closed Systems

6) Mass and Energy Analysis of Control Volumes

7) The Second Law of Thermodynamics

8) Entropy

9) Power and Refrigeration Cycles

Part Two - Fluid Mechanics

10) Introduction and Properties of Fluids

11) Fluid Statics

12) Bernoulli and Energy Equations

13) Momentum Analysis of Flow Systems

14) Internal Flow

15) External Flow: Drag and Lift

Part Three - Heat Transfer

16) Mechanisms of Heat Transfer

17) Steady Heat Conduction

18) Transient Heat Conduction

19) Forced Convection

20) Natural Convection

21) Radiation Heat Transfer

22) Heat Exchangers

Appendix 1 - Property Tables and Charts (SI UNITS)

Appendix 2 - Property Tables and Charts (ENGLISH UNITS)