Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices
Table of Contents

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Part 1 Electronic Properties of Materials

1 Electron Energy and States in Semiconductors

2 Homogeneous Semiconductors

3 Current Flow in Homogeneous Semiconductors

4 Non-Homogeneous Semiconductors

Part 2 Diodes

5 Prototype pn Homojunctions

6 Additional Considerations for Diodes

Part 3 Field Effect Transistors


8 Additional Considerations for FETs

Part 4 Bipolar Transistors

9 Bipolar Junction Devices: Statics

10 Time-Dependent Analysis of BJTs

Part 5 Optoelectronic Devices

11 Optoelectronic Devices

Appendix A Physical Constants

Appendix B List of Symbols

Appendix C Fabrication

Appendix D Density of States Function, Density of States Effective Mass, Conductivity Effective Mass

Appendix E Useful Integrals

Appendix F Useful Equations

Appendix G: List of Suggested Readings