Fundamentals of Communications Systems
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Part 1: Mathematical Foundations

Chapter 2: Signals and Systems Review

Chapter 3: Review of Probability and Random Variables

Chapter 4: Complex Baseband Representation of Bandpass Signals

Part 2: Analog Communication

Chapter 5: Analog Communications Basic

Chapter 6: Amplitude Modulation

Chapter 7: Analog Angle Modulation

Chapter 8: More Topics in Analog Communications

Part 3: Noise in Communications Systems

Chapter 9: Random Processes

Chapter 10: Noise in Bandpass Communication Systems

Chapter 11: Fidelity in Analog Demodulation

Part 4: Fundamentals of Digital Communication

Chapter 12: Digital Communication Basics

Chapter 13: Optimal Single Bit Demodulation Structures

Chapter 14: Transmitting More Than One Bit

Chapter 15: Managing the Complexity of Optimum Demodulation

Chapter 16: Spectrality Efficient Data Transmission

Chapter 17: Orthogonal Modulations with Memory

Appendix A: Useful Formulas

Appendix B: Notation

Appendix C: Acronyms

Appendix D: Fourier Transforms: f versus w

Appendix E: Further Reading and Bibliography