Financial Reporting and Analysis
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* This program emphasizes both the process of financial reporting and the analysis of financial statements.
* The authors train their readers to be good financial detectives by enabling them to read, use, and interpret the statements. Most importantly, FR&A helps students understand how and why managers can utilize the flexibility in GAAP to adapt the numbers for their own purposes.

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Chapter 1 - The Economic and Institutional Setting for Financial Reporting
Chapter 2 - Accrual Accounting and Income Determination
Chapter 3 - Additional Topics in Income Determination
Chapter 4 - Structure of the Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows
Chapter 5 - Essentials of Financial Statement Analysis
Chapter 6 - The Role of Financial Information in Valuation and Credit Risk Assessment
Chapter 7 - The Role of Financial Information in Contracting
Chapter 8 -Receivables
Chapter 9 -Inventories
Chapter 10 -Long-Lived Assets
Chapter 11 -Financial Instruments as Liabilities
Chapter 12 - Financial Reporting for Leases
Chapter 13 - Income Tax Reporting
Chapter 14 - Pensions and Postretirement Benefits
Chapter 15 -Financial Reporting for Owners’ Equity
Chapter 16 -Intercorporate Equity Investments
Chapter 17 - Statement of Cash Flows
Appendix -Time Value of Money