Financial Accounting
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Spiceland, Financial Accounting, 4th Edition

1 A Framework for Financial Accounting

2 The Accounting Cycle: During the Period

3 The Accounting Cycle: End of the Period

4 Cash and Internal Controls

5 Receivables and Sales

6 Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold

7 Long-Term Assets

8 Current Liabilities

9 Long-Term Liabilities

10 Stockholders’ Equity

11 Statement of Cash Flows

12 Financial Statement Analysis

Appendix A: American Eagle Outfitters,Inc., 2014 Annual Report A–1

Appendix B: The Buckle, Inc., 2014Annual Report B–1

Appendix C: Time Value of Money C–1

Appendix D: Investments D–1

Appendix E: International Financial Reporting Standards E–1

Index I–1

Future Value and Present Value Tables P–1

Summary of Ratios Used in This BookS-1

Framework for Financial Accounting S-2

Representative Chart of Accounts S-3
Representative Chart of Accounts