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Table of Contents

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Introduction: A Profound Transformation in Risk Management
1. Plausibility vs. Probability: Alternative World Views
2. The Evolution of Modern Analytics
3. Risk Management Metrics and Models
4. The Future as Forecast: Assumptions Implicit in Stochastic Risk Measurement Models
5. An Alternative Path to Actionable Intelligence
6. Solutions: Moving Toward a Connectivist Approach
7. An Introduction to Causality: Theory, Models, and Inference
8. Risk Inference Networks: Estimating Vulnerability, Consequences, and Likelihood
9. Securities Valuation, Risk Measurement, and Portfolio Management Using Causal Models
10. Risk Fusion and Super Models: A Framework for Enterprise Risk Management
11. Inferring Causality from Historical Market Behavior
12. Sensemaking for Warnings: Reverse-Engineering Market Intelligence
13. The United States as Enterprise: Implications for National Policy and Security