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Experiments Manual with simulation CD to accompany Grob's Basic Electronics: Fundamentals of DC/AC Circuits

Experiments Manual with simulation CD to accompany Grob's Basic Electronics: Fundamentals of DC/AC Circuits

1st Edition
By Frank Pugh and Wes Ponick
ISBN10: 0073254819
ISBN13: 9780073254814
Copyright: 2007

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ISBN10: 0073254819 | ISBN13: 9780073254814



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Experiments Manual to accompany Grob's Basic Electronics: Fundamentals of DC & AC Circuits



EXPERIMENT I-1 Powers of Ten

EXPERIMENT I-2 Scientific Notation

EXPERIMENT I-3 Engineering Notation

EXPERIMENT 1-1 Lab Safety, Equipment, and Components

EXPERIMENT 2-1 Resistance Measurements

EXPERIMENT 2-2 Resistor V and I Measurements

EXPERIMENT 3-1 Ohm's Law

EXPERIMENT 3-2 Applying Ohm's Law

EXPERIMENT 4-1 Series Circuits

EXPERIMENT 4-2 Series Circuits--Resistance

EXPERIMENT 4-3 Series Circuits--Analysis

EXPERIMENT 4-4 Series Circuits--with Opens

EXPERIMENT 4-5 Series-Aiding and Series-Opposing Voltages

EXPERIMENT 5-1 Parallel Circuits

EXPERIMENT 5-2 Parallel Circuits--Resistance Branches

EXPERIMENT 5-3 Parallel Circuits--Analysis

EXPERIMENT 5-4 Parallel Circuits--Opens and Shorts

EXPERIMENT 6-1 Series-Parallel Circuits

EXPERIMENT 6-2 Series-Parallel Circuits--Resistance

EXPERIMENT 6-3 Series-Parallel Circuits--Analysis

EXPERIMENT 6-4 Series-Parallel--Opens and Shorts

EXPERIMENT 6-5 The Wheatstone Bridge

EXPERIMENT 6-6 Positive and Negative Voltages to Ground

EXPERIMENT 6-7 Additional Seris-Parallel Circuits

EXPERIMENT 6-8 Additional Series-Parallel Opens and Shorts

EXPERIMENT 7-1 Voltage Dividers with Loads

EXPERIMENT 7-2 Current Dividers

EXPERIMENT 7-3 Potentiometers and Rheostats as Dividers

EXPERIMENT 7-4 Voltage Divider Design

EXPERIMENT 8-1 Analog Ammeter Design

EXPERIMENT 8-2 Analog Voltmeter Design

EXPERIMENT 9-1 Kirchhoff's Laws

EXPERIMENT 10-1 Network Theorems

EXPERIMENT 11-1 Conductors and Insulators

EXPERIMENT 12-1 Battery Internal Resistance

EXPERIMENT 12-2 Load Match and Maximum Power

EXPERIMENT 13-1 Magnetism

EXPERIMENT 13-2 Electromagnetism and Coils

EXPERIMENT 14-1 Relays

EXPERIMENT 15-1 AC Voltage and Ohm's Law

EXPERIMENT 15-2 Basic Oscilloscope Measurements for AC Circuits

EXPERIMENT 15-3 Additional AC Oscilloscope Measurements

EXPERIMENT 15-4 Oscilloscope Lissajous Patterns

EXPERIMENT 15-5 Oscilloscope Measurements: Superposing AC on DC

EXPERIMENT 16-1 Capacitors

EXPERIMENT 17-1 Capacitive Resistance

EXPERIMENT 18-1 Capacitive Coupling

EXPERIMENT 18-2 Capacitive Phase Measurements: Using an Oscilloscope

EXPERIMENT 19-1 Inductors

EXPERIMENT 20-1 Inductive Reactance

EXPERIMENT 21-1 Inductive Circuits

EXPERIMENT 22-1 RC Time Constant

EXPERIMENT 23-1 AC Circuits: RLC Circuits

EXPERIMENT 24-1 Complex Numbers for AC Circuits

EXPERIMENT 25-1 Series Resonance

EXPERIMENT 25-2 Parallel Resonance

EXPERIMENT 26-1 Filters

EXPERIMENT 26-2 Filter Applications

APPENDIX A Applicable Color Codes

APPENDIX B Lab Report Preparation

APPENDIX C Blank Graph Paper

APPENDIX D How to Make Graphs

APPENDIX E Oscilloscope Graticules

APPENDIX F The Oscilloscope

APPENDIX G Component List