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With her new edition of Experience Music, Katherine Charlton has drawn on her extensive experience in the classroom to create a listening experience that motivates and engages students. Connect® for Experience Music ensures that students can come to class confident and prepared, as they develop the active listening skills they need for success in the course and a lifetime of more meaningful musical experiences. With McGraw-Hill Connect® Music, students can experience music personally while interacting with the integrated listening process.

Connect: A highly reliable, easy-to-use homework and learning management solution that embeds learning science and award-winning adaptive tools to improve student results. 

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Prelude: The Fundamentals of Music 2 

1 Elements of Music: Sound, Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony 4 
2 Elements that Structure Music: Key, Texture, and Form 11 
3 Musical Instruments and Ensembles 16 
Prelude: The Culture of Medieval Europe 28 

4 Medieval Music 31 

Prelude: The Renaissance: The Rebirth of Humanism 46
5 Renaissance Music 49 

Prelude: The Triumph of Baroque Style 62

6 Baroque Opera 65 
7 Cantata 74 
8 Oratorio 81 
9 Baroque Solo and Chamber Music 90 
10 The Baroque Orchestra 99 

Prelude: The Classical Era: Reason and Revolution 110 

11 The Classical Symphony 114 
12 The Classical Concerto 126 
13 Classical Chamber Music 132 
14 Classical Vocal Music 140 
15 The Music of Beethoven 149 
Prelude: Music of the Romantic Era 162 

16 Romantic Songs 166 
17 Romantic Piano Music 176 
18 Romantic Program Music 182 
19 Nationalism in the Romantic Era 189 
20 The Concert Overture 194 
21 The Romantic Concerto 201 
22 Romantic Choral Music 207 
23 The Late Romantic Symphonies 212 
24 Romantic Opera in France and Italy 221 
25 Romantic German Opera 233 

Prelude: The Early Twentieth Century 242 

26 Impressionism and Symbolism 247 
27 Primitivism and Neoclassicism 253 
28 Eastern European Nationalism 261 
29 Germanic Expressionism and the Development of Serialism 266 

Prelude: American Innovations in the Arts 274
30 American Music Before World War II 279 
31 Early Jazz Styles 288 
32 Developments in Jazz in the Late Twentieth Century 300 
33 American Classical Music Influenced by Early Jazz 307 
34 Twentieth-Century American Classical Styles 314 
35 Musical Theater 323 
36 Film Music 331 

Prelude: New Ideas and Styles from Twentieth-Century Internationalism 340 

37 World Musics 343 
38 Post World War II Innovations 353 
39 Minimalism and Postmodernism 365 

Rock Music 
Concert Report Forms           
          Chamber Music Concert
          Choral Concert
          Jazz Band Concert
          Orchestra or Wind Ensemble (Concert Band) Concert
          Solo or Small Group Voice Concert
          World Music(s) Concert

Glossary G-1 
Performance Information P-1 
Index I-1