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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Chapter 1: Introduction and Terminology

Chapter 2: Units of Measure

Chapter 3: Collection of Basic Data

Chapter 4: Isotonic (Dynamic) Strength

Chapter 5: Isometric (Static) Strength

Chapter 6: Isokinetic Strength

Chapter 7: Sprinting – “Horizontal Power”

Chapter 8: Jumping – Vertical Power

Chapter 9: Anaerobic Cycling

Chapter 10: Anaerobic Stepping

Chapter 11: Anaerobic Treadmill Running

Chapter 12: Aerobic Running, Jogging and Walking

Chapter 13: Aerobic Stepping

Chapter 14: Aerobic Cycling

Chapter 15: Maximal Oxygen Consumption

Chapter 16: Resting Blood Pressure

Chapter 17: Exercise Blood Pressure

Chapter 18: Resting Electrocardiogram

Chapter 19: Exercise Electrocardiogram

Chapter 20: Resting Lung Volumes

Chapter 21: Exercise Ventilation

Chapter 22: Flexibility

Chapter 23: Body Mass Index

Chapter 24: Girths and Ratios

Chapter 25: Skinfolds

Chapter 26: Hydrostatic Weighing