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Table of Contents

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Foreword by Andy Hill



Introduction: Mental Toughness: Potentially the Difference Between Life and Death

Foundation of Mental Toughness: What You Want and Who You Are

Chapter 1: Define Your Win: Determine Your Purpose and Priorities

Chapter 2: Turn Up Your Thermostat: Heat Up Your Performance

Developing Executive Toughness Characteristic 1: Accountability: Doing What Needs to Be Done

Chapter 3: The Process of Achievement: Goals That Really Work

Chapter 4: Prioritizing the Priorities: Schedule It or Forget It

Chapter 5: Accountability Through Self-Evaluation: Learn to Look in the Mirror Every Day

Developing Executive Toughness Characteristic 2: Focus: Improving Execution and Consistency

Chapter 6: Preparation: Control Your Emotions, Control Your Performance

Chapter 7: Script Your Way to Focus: Always Say the Right Thing

Chapter 8: The Mental Workout: 100 Seconds a Day Keeps Failure Away

Developing Executive Toughness Characteristic 3: Optimism: Overcoming All Obstacles

Chapter 9: Relentless Solution Focus: The Ultimate Measure of Mental Toughness

Chapter 10: Gable Discipline: Optimism Through Unremitting Action

Conclusion: The Minimum Requirements for Greatness