Engineering Project Management for the Global High Technology Industry
Table of Contents

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Part 1: The Engineering Project Lifecycle
Ch.1. Historical Perspectives and Metrics for Project Management Success
Ch. 2. Project Inception: Benchmarking and the Business plan
Ch. 3. Intellectual Property Issues for New Product Development
Ch. 4. Customer Focus: Voice of the customer and QFD

Part 2: Engineering Project Management Justification
Ch. 5. Engineering Economy, Project justification and proposal risk analysis
Ch. 6. Subcontracting, Make versus Buy and the Supply Chain

Part 3: Engineering Project Planning
Ch. 7. Gantt, Pert, CPM and Milestone Charts
Ch. 8. Project Costing techniques and ABC costing
Ch. 9. Project Risk Assessment

Part 4: Engineering Project Organization, Communications and Control
Ch. 10. Team Work Issues and Conflict Resolution
Ch. 11. Project Tracking tools
Ch. 12. Project Communications in the Global Economy