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Part I: The Foundations of Communicating in Groups

Chapter 1. The Small Groups in Everyone's Life

Chapter 2. Human Communication Processes in the Small Group Context

Chapter 3. The Small Group as a System

Part II: Developing the Group

Chapter 4. Diversity and the Effects of Culture

Chapter 5. The Members and Their Roles

Part III: Small Group Throughput Processes

Chapter 6. Communication and Group Culture: Tensions, Fantasy, Socialization, Norms, and Climate

Chapter 7. Leading Small Groups: Theoretical Perspectives

Chapter 8. Leading Small Groups: Practical Tips

Part IV: Improving Group Outputs

Chapter 9. Problem Solving and Decision Making in Groups: Theoretical Perspectives

Chapter 10. Problem Solving and Decision Making in Groups: Practical Tips and Techniques

Chapter 11. Managing Conflict in the Small Group

Part V: Group Observation and Evaluation Tools

Chapter 12. Tools for Assessing and Evaluating Groups

Appendix A: Preparing for Problem-Solving Discussions: Informational Resources for the Group

Appendix B: Making Public Presentations of the Group's Output

Appendix C: Using Technology to Help Your Group



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