Economics: The Original 1948 Edition
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Part I: Basic Economic Concept and National Income. Introduction. Central Problems of Every Economic Society. Functioning of a ``Mixed'' Capitalistic Enterprise System. Individual and Family Income. Individual and Family Income: Earnings in Different Occupations. Business Organization and Income. The Economic Role of Government: Expenditure, Regulation, and Finance. The Economic Role of Government: Federal Taxation and Local Finance. Labor Organization and Problems. Personal Finance and Social Security. National Income. Part II: Determination of National Income and Its Fluctuations. Saving and Investment. Prices, Money, and Interest Rates. Fundamentals of the Banking System and Deposit Creation. Federal Reserve and Central Bank Monetary Policy. International Finance and Domestic Employment. The Business Cycle. Fiscal Policy and Full Employment Without inflation. Part III: The Composition and Pricing of National Output. Determination of Price by Supply and Demand. The Theory of Consumption and Demand. Cost and the Equilibrium of the Firm Under Perfect and Imperfect Competition. Production Equilibrium of the Firm and the Problem of Distribution. International Trade and the Theory of Comparative Advantage. The Economics of Tariff Protection and Free Trade. The Dynamics of Speculation and Risk. Social Movements and Economic Welfare.