Digital Communications
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Digital Communications 5e

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Deterministic and Random Signal Analysis

Chapter 3: Digital Modulation Schemes

Chapter 4: Optimum Receivers for AWGN Channels

Chapter 5: Carrier and Symbol Synchronization

Chapter 6: An Introduction to Information Theory

Chapter 7: Linear Block Codes

Chapter 8: Trellis and Graph Based Codes

Chapter 9: Digital Communication Through Band-Limited Channels

Chapter 10: Adaptive Equalization

Chapter 11: Multi-channel and Multi-carrier Systems

Chapter 12: Spread Spectrum Signals for Digital Communications

Chapter 13: Fading Channels I: Characterization and Signaling

Chapter 14: Fading Channels II: Capacity and Coding

Chapter 15: Multiple-Antenna Systems

Chapter 16: Multi-user Communications

Appendix A Matrices

Appendix B Error Probability for Multichannel Binary Signals

Appendix C Error Probabilities for Adaptive Reception of M-Phase Signals

Appendix D Square Root Factorization

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