Desalination Engineering: Planning and Design
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1. Desalination Engineering: An Overview
Chapter 2. Source Water Quality Characterization
Chapter 3. Reverse Osmosis Desalination Fundamentals
Chapter 4. Project Planning and Basic Design Considerations
Chapter 5. Project Environmental Review and Permitting
Chapter 6. Intakes for Source Water Collection
Chapter 7. Source Water Intake Pump Station
Chapter 8. Source Water Screens
Chapter 9. Source Water Conditioning
Chapter 10. Sand Removal, Sedimentation and Dissolved Air Flotation
Chapter 11. Pretreatment by Granular Media Filtration
Chapter 12. Pretreatment by Membrane Filtration
Chapter 13. Comparison of Granular Media and Membrane Filtration
Chapter 14. Reverse Osmosis Separation
Chapter 15. Post Treatment of Desalinated Water
Chapter 16. Desalination Plant Discharge Management
Chapter 17. Desalination Cost Estimating