Currencies After the Crash: The Uncertain Future of the Global Paper-Based Currency System 1 9780071784887 From the brightest minds in the field—a revealing look at how countries use their currencies to achieve prosperity . . . and the coming repercussions Bloomberg Television's Sara Eisen sheds light on the complex global financial system through this illuminating collection of essays. She hand selected the crème de la crème of authors from the world's most prestigious academic institutions and esteemed professional organizations to share--for the first time in print-- their observations and deductions on the topics that matter most to you and your future wealth, including: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CURRENCIES AND FINANCIAL CRISES THE FLAWS WITHIN THE INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE RATE SYSTEM AND THEIR CONSEQUENCES HOW EMERGING MARKETS FIT INTO THE CURRENT AND FUTURE EXCHANGE RATE FRAMEWORK THE IMPACT EXCHANGE RATES HAVE ON FREE TRADE AND ECONOMIC GROWTH WHAT DEFINES A "SAFE HAVEN" CURRENCY AND ITS ROLE POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS TO THE CURRENT ECONOMIC PROBLEMS "Today's fiat currency system is based upon trust among market participants, politicians, and central bankers--and that trust is assembled around the reserve currency that enjoys an exorbitant privilege. The reserve status is in doubt in a post financial crisis era but alternatives are lacking. . . . This book is a great guide on how the global currency system is morphing into a potential new standard, but not without the necessary volatility." -- Ben Emons, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager, PIMCO
Currencies After the Crash:  The Uncertain Future of the Global Paper-Based Currency System

Currencies After the Crash: The Uncertain Future of the Global Paper-Based Currency System

1st Edition
By Sara Eisen
ISBN10: 0071784888
ISBN13: 9780071784887
Copyright: 2013

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ISBN10: 0071784888 | ISBN13: 9780071784887



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CHAPTER 1: The Dollar Will Remain on First
CHAPTER 2: The World’s Hegemonic Reserve Currency: The U.S. Dollar Versus the Chinese Yuan
CHAPTER 3: The Euro: Past, Present, and Future
CHAPTER 4: What History Tells Us About the Euro’s Future
CHAPTER 5: The Future of the Eurozone: An amicable divorce is Better than an Unhappy Marriage
CHAPTER 6: Rebalancing Growth in China: The Role of the Yuan in the Policy Package
CHAPTER 7: Currency Wars and a Growing Role for the International Monetary Fund
CHAPTER 8: A Role for Gold
CHAPTER 9: China

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