Criminal Investigation
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Chapter 1: The Evolution of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science

Chapter 2: Legal Aspects of Investigation

Chapter 3: Investigators, the Investigative Process, and the Crime Scene

Chapter 4: Physical Evidence

Chapter 5: Interviewing and Interrogation

Chapter 6: Field Notes and Reporting

Chapter 7: The Follow-Up Investigation and Investigative Resources

Chapter 8: The Crime Laboratory

Chapter 9: Injury and Death Investigation

Chapter 10: Sex-Related Offenses

Chapter 11: Crimes Against Children

Chapter 12: Human Trafficking

Chapter 13: Robbery

Chapter 14: Burglary

Chapter 15: Larceny/Theft and White-Collar Crime

Chapter 16: Vehicle Thefts and Related Offenses

Chapter 17: Cyber Crime

Chapter 18: Agricultural, Wildlife, and Environmental Crimes

Chapter 19: Arson and Explosives Investigations

Chapter 20: Recognition, Control, and Investigation of Drug Abuse

Chapter 21: Terrorism

Chapter 22: The Trial Process and the Investigator as a Witness