Consumer Health: A Guide To Intelligent Decisions
Table of Contents

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Part I: Dynamics of the Health Marketplace

01 Consumer Health Issues

02 Separating Fact from Fiction

03 Frauds and Quackery

04 Advertising and Other Promotional Activities

Part II: Health-Care Approaches

05 Science-Based Health Care

06 Mental and Behavioral Help

07 Dental Care

08 The “CAM” Movement

09 A Close Look at Chiropractic

Part III: Nutrition and Fitness

10 Basic Nutrition Concepts

11 Nutrition Fads, Fallacies, and Scams

12 Weight Control

13 Fitness Concepts, Products, and Services

Part IV: Personal Health Concerns

14 Personal Health and Safety

15 Cardiovascular Disease

16 Cancer

Part V: Other Products and Services

17 Drug Products

18 Skin care and Image Enhancement

19 Sexual and Reproductive Health

20 Health Devices

21 Coping with Death

22 Health-Care Facilities

Part VI: Protection of the Consumer

23 Health Insurance

24 Health-Care Financing

25 Consumer Laws, Agencies, and Strategies