Connect Master: Marketing Connect Online Access 1 9781259873751 Students often struggle to connect concepts to application marketing courses. Connect Master® Marketing takes students higher with adaptive questioning and activities that allow students to demonstrate what they know and apply their learning to real-world business challenges. Next level learning for today’s generation  Application-Based Activities: The Connect Master Application-Based Activities provide students valuable practice using problem solving skills to apply their knowledge to realistic scenarios. Students’ progress from understanding basic concepts to using their knowledge to analyze complex scenarios and solve problems.  Adaptive Questioning: The Connect Master Adaptive and Individualized Study Tool creates a personalized learning experience for students, providing the opportunity to practice and persevere to enhance understanding of core concepts. All content items are built around learning objectives. If a student does not prove mastery of a learning objective, Connect Master will introduce informational learning resources in the form of animated videos, slide strips, or interactive click-drags to reinforce key concepts. Connect Master requires interaction with these resources before allowing the student to continue answering probes. Reporting tools within the adaptive suite show where students are struggling to understand specific concepts and where they excel.  Reader: The Connect Master Reader is built around key learning objectives that streamlines the essential conceptual information. Key concepts are enhanced by resources to provide an active learning experience. A Core Concept Notebook is available to be used alongside the digital product for those students who value a print reference. The Core Concepts Notebook contains the essential narrative content from the Interactive Reader and is available as a printable PDF within the Master course.  Customizable: Connect Master’s ability to customize content at the Learning Objective level provides instructors the opportunity for students to have course materials made specifically for how the course is implemented.
Connect Master: Marketing Connect Online Access

Connect Master: Marketing Connect Online Access

1st Edition
By McGraw Hill and Lauren Beitelspacher
ISBN10: 1259873757
ISBN13: 9781259873751
Copyright: 2020
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ISBN10: 1259873757 | ISBN13: 9781259873751



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Chapter 1 Overview of Marketing
Chapter 2 Value Creation
Chapter 3 Marketing Ethics
Chapter 4 Strategic Planning
Chapter 5 The Marketing Environment
Chapter 6 Global Marketing
Chapter 7 Marketing Research
Chapter 8 Consumer Behavior
Chapter 9 Business-to-Business Marketing
Chapter 10 Segmentation
Chapter 11 Targeting
Chapter 12 Positioning
Chapter 13 Product, Branding, and Packaging
Chapter 14 New Product Development
Chapter 15 Marketing Services
Chapter 16 Pricing
Chapter 17 Supply Chain & Channel Management
Chapter 18 Retailing and Omnichannel Marketing
Chapter 19 Integrated Marketing Communication
Chapter 20 Digital Marketing
Chapter 21 Advertising and Sales Promotions
Chapter 21 Public Relations
Chapter 23 Personal Selling
Chapter 24 Customer Relationship Management