Connect 1-Semester Online Access for Essentials of Contemporary Management
Table of Contents

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PART ONE: Management and Managers

Chapter One: The management Process Today

Appendix A: History of Management Throughout

Chapter Two: values, Attitudes, Emotions, and Culture: The Manager as a Person

PART TWO: The Environment of Management

Chapter Three: Managing Ethics and Diversity

Chapter Four: Managing the Global Environment

PART THREE: Planning, Decision Making, and Competitive Advantage

Chapter Five: Decision Making, Learning, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship

Chapter Six: Planning, Strategy, and Competitive Advantage

PART FOUR: Organizing and Change

Chapter Seven: Designing Organizational Structure

Chapter Eight: Control, Change and Entrepreneurship

PART FIVE: Leading Individuals and Groups

Chapter Nine: Motivation

Chapter Ten: Leaders and Leadership

Chapter Eleven: Effective Team Management

Chapter Twelve: Building and Managing Human Resources

PART SIX: Controlling Essential Activities and Processes

Chapter Thirteen: Communication and Information Technology Management

Chapter Fourteen: Operations Management: Managing Vital Operations and Processes

Appendix B: Career Development