Concepts of Fitness And Wellness: A Comprehensive Lifestyle Approach, Loose Leaf Edition

Concepts of Fitness and Wellness provides readers with the self-management skills necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle. A pioneering text in the field, Concepts of Fitness and Wellness is designed to deliver a comprehensive text and digital program that continues to be at the cutting edge of physical activity and health promotion, empowering students to make positive steps towards developing a lifelong commitment to being active. The fully updated eleventh edition is supported by Connect, the only integrated digital learning environment that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it, so that your class time is more engaging and effective. McGraw-Hill Education’s Connect is sold separately and does not come automatically with the purchase of the textbook.

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Table of Contents

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Section I: Lifestyles for Health, Wellness, and Fitness

Concept 1: Health, Wellness, Fitness, and Healthy Lifestyles: An Introduction

Concept 2: Determinants of Lifelong Health, Wellness, and Fitness

Concept 3: Self-Management and Self-Planning Skills for Health Behavior Change


Section II: An Introduction to Physical Activity

Concept 4: Preparing for Physical Activity

Concept 5: The Health Benefits of Physical Activity

Concept 6: How Much Physical Activity Is Enough?


Section III: The Physical Activity Pyramid

Concept 7: Moderate Physical Activity:A Lifestyle Approach

Concept 8: Cardiovascular Fitness

Concept 9: Vigorous Aerobics, Sports, and Recreational Activities

Concept 10: Muscle Fitness and Resistance Exercise

Concept 11: Flexibility


Section IV: Physical Activity: Special Considerations

Concept 12: Body Mechanics: Posture, Questionable Exercises, and Care of the Back and Neck

Concept 13: Performance Benefits of Physical Activity


Section V: Nutrition and Body Composition

Concept 14: Body Composition

Concept 15: Nutrition

Concept 16: Managing Diet and Activity for Healthy Body Fatness


Section VI: Stress Management

Concept 17: Stress and Health

Concept 18: Stress Management, Relaxation, and Time Management


Section VII: Avoiding Destructive Behaviors

Concept 19: The Use and Abuse of Tobacco

Concept 20: The Use and Abuse of Alcohol

Concept 21: The Use and Abuse of Other Drugs

Concept 22: Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections


Section VIII: Making Informed Choices

Concept 23: Cancer, Diabetes, and Other Health Threats

Concept 24: Evaluating Fitness and Wellness Products: Becoming an Informed Consumer

Concept 25: Toward Optimal Health and Wellness: Planning for Healthy Lifestyle Change 

Appendix A: Metric Conversion Chart

Appendix B: Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating

Appendix C: Calorie, Fat, Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, and Sodium Content of Selected Fast-Food Items

Appendix D: Calorie Guide to Common Foods

Appendix E: Calories of Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats in Foods