Lab Manual for Concepts of Biology
Table of Contents

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1. Scientific Method
Unit 1 Concepts of Cell Biology
2. Measuring with Metric
3. Light Microscopy
4. Chemical Composition of Cells
5. Cell Structure and Function
6. How Enzymes Function
Unit 2 Concepts of Plant Biology
7. Photosynthesis
8. Organization of Flowering Plants
Unit 3 Concepts of Genetics
9. Mitosis: Cellular Reproduction
10. Meiosis: Sexual Reproduction
11. Mendelian Genetics
12. Human Genetics
13. DNA Biology and Technology
Unit 4 Concepts of Evolution
14. Evidence of Evolution
15. Evolution of Bacteria, Protists, and Fungi
16. Plant Evolution
17. Early Invertebrate Evolution
18. Later Invertebrate and Vertebrate Evolution
Unit 5 Concepts of Animal Biology
19. Vertebrate Body Tissues
20. Basic Mammalian Anatomy I
21. Chemical Aspects of Digestion
22. Basic Mammalian Anatomy II
23. Homeostasis
24. The Nervous System and Senses
25. Animal Development
Unit 6 Concepts of Ecology
26. Effects of Pollution on Ecosystems