Concepts of Biology
Table of Contents

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1 Biology, the Study of Life
Unit 1 Organisms Are Composed of Cells
2 Basic Chemistry of Cells
3 Organic Molecules of Cells
4 Structure and Function of Cells
5 Dynamic Activities of Cells
6 Pathways of Photosynthesis
7 Pathways of Cellular Respiration
UNIT 2 Genes Control the Traits of Organisms
8 Cellular Reproduction
9 Sexual Reproduction
10 Patterns of Genetic Inheritance
11 Molecular Biology of Inheritance
12 Regulation of Gene Activity
13 Biotechnology and Genomics
Unit 3 Organisms Are Related and Adapted to Their Environment
14 Evidence of Evolution
15 Speciation and Evolution
16 The Evolutionary History of Life on Earth
17 Evolution of Microbial Life
18 Evolution of Protists
19 Evolution of Plants and Fungi
20 Evolution of Animals
21 Evolution of Humans
Unit 4 Plants Are Homeostatic
22 Plant Organization and Homeostasis
23 Transport and Nutrition in Plants
24 Control of Growth Responses in Plants
25 Reproduction in Plants
Unit 5 Animals Are Homeostatic
26 Animal Organization and Homeostasis
27 Coordination by Neural Signaling
28 Sense Organs
29 Locomotion and Support Systems
30 Circulation and Cardiovascular Systems
31 Lymph Transport and Immunity
32 Digestive Systems and Nutrition
33 Gas Exchange and Transport in Animals
34 Osmoregulation and Excretion
35 Coordination by Hormone Signaling
36 Reproduction and Development
Unit 6 Organisms Live in Ecosystems
37 Population Ecology
38 Behavioral Ecology
39 Community and Ecosystem Ecology
40 Major Ecosystems of the Biosphere
41 Conservation Biology