Common Ground: Integrated Reading and Writing Skills

Common Ground, the lower-level integrated reading and writing companion text to the best-selling Common Places, focuses on guiding students through the reading and writing process at the sentence and paragraph-level. Providing an easy-to-follow blueprint for students by modeling skills and behavior without being wordy, Common Ground approaches and helps students breakdown each reading and writing skill with step-by-step guidance and clear visuals. Carefully selected readings help equip students with not only the writing skills, but also the life skills they will need for their college careers and beyond. Common Ground’s extensive and easy-to use grammar and mechanics handbook, included in the text, is tailored made for IRW students.

Table of Contents

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Part 1: Integrated Reading and Writing Basics

Chapter 1                    A Pathway to Success

Chapter 2                    Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary

Chapter 3                    Working with Sentences

Chapter 4                    Pre-Reading and Prewriting

Chapter 5                    Main Ideas in Paragraphs

Chapter 6                    Support in Paragraphs

Chapter 7                    Text Purposes and Patterns

Chapter 8                    Outlines, Graphic Organizers, and Summaries 


Part 2: Reading and Writing – Beyond Basics

Chapter 10                  Main Ideas and Support in Essays 

Chapter 11                  Critical Thinking About Opinions, Tone, and Inferences

Chapter 12                  Reading and Writing Arguments



Chapter 13                  Project 1:  Why We Like Fantasy

Chapter 14                  Project 2:   Tips for Financial Success  

Chapter 15                  Project 3: The Power of Words



Unit 1              Parts of Speech

Unit 2              Writing Good Sentences

Unit 3              Working with Verbs

Unit 4              Using Pronouns Correctly

Unit 5              Working with Adjectives and Adverbs

Unit 6              Using Correct Punctuation

Unit 7              Using Mechanics Correctly


Part 5: Anthology of Readings

Theme             Who Are You?

Theme             Making Positive Changes

Theme             Alike in Our Differences