College Writing Skills with Readings

College Writing Skills with Readings 10e highlights the importance of writing with a purpose by focusing on four bases of writing, unity, support, coherence, and sentence skills. The four bases provide students with clear guidance on how to organize their thoughts, structure their main idea into a thesis, provide supporting evidence to their claim, and revise and edit their work into a well thought-out essay. College Writing Skills with Readings personalizes and grounds students’ writing experience by placing all of its reading, writing, and essay examples within three key realms - personal, academic, and workplace (PAW) - to emphasize the importance of writing in every facet of life.

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

PART 1  Essay Writing
1.  An Introduction to Writing
2.  The Writing Process
   3.  The First and Second Steps in Essay Writing
  4.  The Third Step in Essay Writing
5.  The Fourth Step in Essay Writing
6.  Four Bases for Revising Essays
7.  Developing an Essay

PART 2  Patterns of Essay Development
8.  Description
9.  Narration
  10.  Exemplification
11.  Process
12.  Cause and/or Effect
13.  Comparison and/or Contrast
14.  Definition
15.  Division-Classification
16.  Argument

PART 3 Researching, Writing and Documenting
17.  Information Literacy
18.  Summarizing and Paraphrasing
19.  Writing a Source-Based Essay
20.  Writing a Research Essay

Part 4 Handbook of Sentence Skills
Section I: Grammar
21.  Subjects and Verbs
22.  Fragments
23.  Run-Ons
24.  Regular and Irregular Verbs
25.  Subject-Verb Agreement
26.  More about Verbs
27.  Pronoun Agreement and Reference
28.  Pronoun Types
29.  Adjectives and Adverbs
30.  Misplaced Modifiers
31.  Dangling Modifiers

Section II: Mechanics and Punctuation
32.  Capital Letters
33.  Numbers and Abbreviations
34.  Apostrophe
35.  Quotation Marks
36.  Comma

Section III: Word Use
37.  Commonly Confused Words
38.  Effective Word Choice

Section IV: Tests
39.  Editing Tests

PART 5 Readers for Writers

Building Self Awareness
from Self-Reliance
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dick Gregory

I Became Her Target
Roger Wilkins

Stepping into the Light
Tanya Savory

Cultivating a Resilient Spirit
Brené Brown

The Certainty of Fear
Audra Kendall

One Hundred Years of the Secret Garden
Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina 

Education and Learning
Single-Sex Schools: An Old Idea Whose Time Has Come
Diane Urbina

How to Make it in College, Now That You're Here
Brian O'Keeney

College Lectures: Is Anybody Listening?
David Daniels

Carol S. Dweck

Is Google Making Us Stupid?
Nicholas Carr

The Quiet Struggle of College Students with Kids
Gillian B. White

Challenging Societal Values
The Professor Is a Dropout
Beth Johnson

Chief Seattle's Speech of 1854
Chief Seattle

Mayor of Rust
Sue Halpern

Is Sex All That Matters?
Joyce Garity

Moving Beyond Pain
bell hooks

When a Classmate Is a Former Inmate
Juleyka Lantigua-Williams