College English and Business Communication
- Provides a corrective approach to the fundamentals of communication including: reading, listening, speaking, writing, along with the application of these communication skills in the workplace such as e-mails and reports.
- Rich in supplements, its activity workbook leads students to apply essential skills, leaving them doubly prepared for communicating in college and business. 
- Connect: A highly reliable, easy-to-use homework and learning management solution that embeds learning science and award-winning adaptive tools to improve student results.

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Unit One: Introduction to Communication
Chapter 1: Communicating in Everyday Life
Chapter 2: Interpreting Communication
Chapter 3: Communicating Globally
Unit Two: Developing Language Skills
Chapter 4: Exploring Language Elements
Chapter 5: Mastering Nouns and Pronouns
Chapter 6: Expanding Language Skills
Unit Three: Developing Writing Skills
Chapter 7: Applying the Mechanics of Style
Chapter 8: Sharpening Writing Skills
Unit Four: Applying Communication Skills
Chapter 9: Writing E-mails, Memos, and Letters
Chapter 10: Writing Specific Communications
Chapter 11: Preparing and Writing Reports
Unit Five: Communicating in a Business Environment
Chapter 12: Working with Technology
Chapter 13: Communicating With Customers
Chapter 14: Developing Presentation Skills
Unit Six: Searching for Jobs and Writing Resumes
Chapter 15: Searching for Jobs
Chapter 16: Interviewing and Employment Issues