Classical Sociological Theory
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Biographical and Autobiographical Sketches


Part I. Introduction to Sociological

Chapter 1. A Historical Sketch of Sociological Theory: The Early Years

Chapter 2. A Historical Sketch of Sociological Theory: The Later Years

Part II: Classical Sociological Theory

Chapter 3. Alexis de Tocqueville

Chapter 4. August Comte

Chapter 5. Herbert Spencer

Chapter 6. Karl Marx

Chapter 7. Emile Durkheim

Chapter 8. Max Weber

Chapter 9. Georg Simmel

Chapter 10. Early Women Sociologists and Classical Sociological Theory, 1830-1930

Chapter 11. W.E.B. DuBois

Chapter 12. Thorstein Veblen

Chapter 13. Joseph Schumpeter

Chapter 14. Karl Mannheim

Chapter 15. George Herbert Mead

Chapter 16. Alfred Schutz

Chapter 17. Talcott Parsons


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