Choosing Success

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CHAPTER ONE: First Steps to Choosing Success  
Module 1.1: The First Week of Class 
Module 1.2: How College Is Different 
Module 1.3: 5C Approach for Decision Making
Module 1.4:Learning as an Active Decision 
Module 1.5: Maximizing Your Use of Choosing Success
CHAPTER TWO: Interacting with Your College Community 
Module 2.1: Understanding the Language of Your School: Catalog and Website Content 
Module 2.2: Campus Offices, Resources, and Services 
Module 2.3: Experiencing Campus Diversity 
Module 2.4: Getting Involved: Joining Campus Groups
Module 2.5: Working with Faculty
Module 2.6: Communication and Conflict Resolution
CHAPTER THREE: Deciding to Know Yourself  
Module 3.1: Aptitudes and Abilities  
Module 3.2: Values 
Module 3.3: Environmental Preferences 
Module 3.4: Sensory Preferences  
Module 3.5: Processing Preferences  
Module 3.6: Your Multiple Intelligences  
Module 3.7: Your Personality Type  
Module 3.8: Your Instructor’s Style  
CHAPTER FOUR: Choosing Goals for College and Life  
Module 4.1: Identifying Goals  
Module 4.2: Setting S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals 
Module 4.3: Locus of Control 
Module 4.4: Myths and Realities of Achieving Goals 
Module 4.5: Mind Growth and Staying On Track
Module 4.6:Grade Point Average 
CHAPTER FIVE: Decisions for Managing Time  
Module 5.1: Overcoming Procrastination 
Module 5.2: Managing Your Term and Week 
Module 5.3: Daily To-Do Lists
Module 5.4: Choices about Self-Talk  
Module 5.5: Achieving Balance  
Module 5.6: Using Digital Time Management Tools 
Module 5.7: Living Arrangements and Time Management
CHAPTER SIX: Choices for Succeeding in Class and Online Courses
Module 6.1: Choosing to Become an Active Listener in Class
Module 6.2: Listening in Different Learning Situations  
Module 6.3: Taking Good Lecture Notes 
Module 6.4: After-Class Follow-Through 
Module 6.5: Digital Notetaking Tools 
CHAPTER SEVEN: Choosing to Read Actively  
Module 7.1: Preparing to Learn  
Module 7.2: Reading Textbooks 
Module 7.3: Course Readings in Nontraditional Text Formats 
Module 7.4: Reading Math and Science Textbooks 
Module 7.5: Online Reading Techniques 
Module 7.6: Critical Reading and Thinking
CHAPTER EIGHT: Decisions about Study and Test Taking  
Module 8.1: Decisions about Study Preparation  
Module 8.2: Organizing Study Materials  
Module 8.3: Choices for Practicing and Remembering Content
Module 8.4: Using Online Tools for Test Preparation
Module 8.5: Overcoming Test Anxiety  
Module 8.6: Choices for Exam Success
Module 8.7: After-Exam Analysis  
CHAPTER NINE: Making Choices about Today’s Technology
Module 9.1: Learning in the Digital Age 
Module 9.2: Choices for Successful Use of the Internet and the Web
Module 9.3: Evaluating Worth 
Module 9.4: Choices in Electronic Access 
Module 9.5: Rights and Responsibilities of Digital Citizenship
Module 9.6: Deciding to Become a Distance Learner
CHAPTER TEN: Making Financial Decisions
Module 10.1: Budgeting  
Module 10.2: Financing Your Education
Module 10.3: Managing Your Credit, Debit, and other Financial Decisions
Module 10.4: Protecting Your Digital Identity and Financial Reputation
CHAPTER ELEVEN: Choosing Health and Wellness
Module 11.1: What Is Stress? 
Module 11.2: Coping with Stress and Crisis Situations
Module 11.3: Physical Fitness
Module 11.4: Making Decisions about Health Problems 
Module 11.5: Safer Sex 
Module 11.6: Staying Safe 
CHAPTER TWELVE: Exploring Career Options and Opportunities
Module 12.1: Choosing a Major 
Module 12.2: Degree Options 
Module 12.3: Scheduling Coursework 
Module 12.4: Planning for a Career