Lab Manual for Maders Biology
Table of Contents

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Part I The Cell
1 Scientific Method
2 Metric Measurement and Microscopy
3 Chemical Composition of Cells
4 Cell Structure and Function
5 How Enzymes Function
6 Photosynthesis
7 Cellular Respiration
Part II The Genetic Basis of Life
8 Mitosis: Cellular Reproduction
9 Meiosis: Sexual Reproduction
10 Mendelian Genetics
11 Human Genetics
12 DNA Biology and Technology
Part III Evolution
13 Evidences of Evolution
14 Natural Selection
Part IV Microbiology and Evolution
15 Bacteria and Protists
16 Fungi
Part V Plant Evolution and Biology
17 Nonvascular Plants and Seedless Vascular Plants
18 Seed Plants
19 Organization of Flowering Plants
20 Water Absorption and Transport in Plants
21 Control of Plant Growth and Responses
22 Reproduction in Flowering Plants
Part VI Animal Evolution and Diversity
23 Introduction to Invertebrates
24 Invertebrate Coelomates
25 The Vertebrates
Part VII Comparative Animal Biology
26 Animal Organization
27 Basic Mammalian Anatomy I
28 Chemical Aspects of Digestion
29 Basic Mammalian Anatomy II
30 Homeostasis
31 Nervous System and Senses
32 Musculoskeletal System
33 Animal Development
Part VIII Ecology
34 Sampling Ecosystems
35 Effects of Pollution on Ecosystems