Best Practices for Equity Research Analysts: Essentials for Buy-Side and Sell-Side Analysts
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Chapter 1: Selecting the Optimal Stock Universe – Don't Let Others Choose Your Fate; Chapter 2: Sectors Before Stocks – Maximizing Long-Run Performance; Chapter 3: Identify Company Factors that Drive the Stock – The Rest Is a Waste of Time; Chapter 4: Uncover Proprietary Industry Sources for an Edge; Chapter 5: Get the Most From Interviews with Management and Information Sources; Chapter 6: Create Financial Forecasts with Just Enough Detail to Spot Anomalies; Chapter 7: Ten Practical Valuation Tools Used by the Pros; Chapter 8: Frameworks to Help Deciding Between Buy, Hold and Sell; Chapter 9: Stock Calls Need an Advocate: Influence Others to Trade Your Idea; Chapter 10: Tips to Ensure You Don't Stray From Ethical Practices; Chapter 11: Learning to Do More with Less; Chapter 12: Ignore the Noise – Half the Battle Is Learning What Not to Do