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Introduction to Experiments

Resistor Color Code and Measurement of Resistance

Measurement of Voltage

Conductors and Insulators

Switches and Switching Circuits

Measurement of Direct Current

Ohm's Law

Series Circuits

Designing Series Circuit

Voltage-Divider Circuits (unloaded)

Current in a Parallel Circuit

Resistance of a Parallel Circuit

Designing Parallel Circuits

Resistance of Series-Parallel Circuits

Direct-Current Meters (shunts and multipliers)

Kirchhoff's Voltage Law (one source)

Kirchhoff's Current Law

Voltage-Divider Circuits (loaded)

Designing Voltage and Current-Divider Circuits

Troubleshooting Electric Circuits using Voltage, Current, and Resistance Measurement

Maximum Power Transfer

Solving Circuits using Mesh Currents

Balanced-Bridge Circuit

Superposition Theorem

Thevenin's Theorem

Norton's Theorem

Millman's Theorem

Magnetic Field Associated with Current in a Wire

Inducing Voltage in a Coil

Applications of the DC Relay

Oscilloscope Operation

Oscilloscope Voltage and Frequency Measurement

Peak, RMS, and Average Values of AC

Characteristics of Inductance


Inductances in Series and Parallel

RC Time Constants

Reactance of a Capacitor (XC)

Capacitors in Series and Parallel

The Capacitive Voltage Divider

Impedance of a Series RL Circuit

Voltage Relationships in a Series RL Circuit

Impedance of a Series RC Circuit

Voltage Relationships in a Series RC Circuit

Power in AC Circuits

Frequency Response of a Reactive Circuit

Impedance of a Series RLC Circuit

Effects of Changes in Frequency on Impedance and Current in a Series RLC Circuit

Impedance of Parallel RL and RC Circuits

Impedance of a Parralles RLC Circuit

Resonant Frequency and Frequency Response of a Series RLC Circuit

Effect of Q on Frequency Response and Bandwidth of a Series Resonant Circuit

Characteristics of Parallel Resonant Circuits

Low-Pass and High-Pass Filters

RC Bandpass and Bandstop Filters

Nonlinear Resistors - Thermistors

Nonlinear Resistors - Varistors (VDRS)


A: Wiring Methods B: Familiarization with Hand Tools Used in Electronics C: Soldering Techniques