Automation Airmanship: Nine Principles for Operating Glass Cockpit Aircraft
Table of Contents

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Ch 1. The Call for a New Approach to Modern Airmanship
Ch 2. 21st Century Expert Performance
Ch 3. Fundamentals of Modern Aircraft Automation
Ch 4. The First Principle, Planning
Ch 5. The Second Principle, Briefing and Debriefing
Ch 6. The Third Principle, Data Entry
Ch 7. The Fourth Principle, Communicating
Ch 8. The Fifth Principle, Monitoring
Ch 9. The Sixth Principle, Situation and Mode Awareness
Ch 10. The Seventh Principle, Workload Management
Ch 11. The Eighth Principle, Positive Flight Path Control
Ch 12. The Ninth Principle, Logic Knowledge
Ch 13. Blending Automation Airmanship into Operations
Ch 14. The Integration of Contemporary Airmanship with Modern Aircraft Automation