Anthology of Living Theater
Table of Contents

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How to Read a Play

Where and When the Play Takes Place: The Setting and Circumstances

Who the Participants Are: The Characters

What Kind of Play It Is: Categories and Genres

How the Play Unfolds: Action and Theme

The Play Begins

The Play Progresses

The Theme

The Conclusion

The Anthology of Plays

Sophocles, Antigone, trans: Peter D. Arnott

Lysistrata, trans: Douglass Parker

Plautus, The Menaechmus Brothers, trans. and ed: E.F.Watling

Abraham and Isaac adapted by the editors

Kwanami Kiyotsugu, Sotoba Komachi, trans. Arthur Waley

William Shakespeare, Hamlet, ed. and with notes by Tucker Brooke and Jack Randall Crawford

Moliere, Tartuffe, trans. Richard Wilbur

Susanna Centlivre, The Busy Body

Henrik Ibsen, A Doll's House, trans. Eva Le Gallienne

Anton Chekhov, The Cherry Orchard, trans. Constance Garnett

August Strindberg, A Dream Play, trans. Walter Johnson

Bertolt Brecht, The Good Woman of Setzuan trans. Eric Bentley and Maja Apelman

Tennessee Williams, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Samuel Beckett, Krapp's Last Tape

Charles Ludlam, The Mystery of Irma Vep

August Wilson, Joe Turner's Come and Gone

Caryl Chuchill, Far Away

John Leguizamo, Excerpts from Freak