AM GOV 2015-2016
Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Citizenship in Our Changing Democracy
Chapter 2: The Constitution: The Foundation of Citizens’ Rights
Chapter 3: Federalism: Citizenship and the Dispersal of Power
Chapter 4: Civil Liberties: Expanding Citizens’ Rights
Chapter 5: Civil Rights: Toward a More Equal Citizenry
Chapter 6: Public Opinion
Chapter 7: Political Participation: Equal Opportunities and Unequal Voices
Chapter 8: Interest Groups in America
Chapter 9: Parties and Political Campaigns: Citizens and the Electoral Process
Chapter 10: Media
Chapter 11: Congress: Doing the People’s Business
Chapter 12: The Presidency: Power and Paradox
Chapter 13: Bureaucracy: Citizens as Owners and Consumers
Chapter 14: The Courts: Judicial Power in a Democratic Setting
Chapter 15: Public Policy: Responding to Citizens
Chapter 16: Foreign and Defense Policy: Protecting American Interests in the World