Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective
- Has chapters on advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, the Internet including social media and mobile marketing, support media such as outdoor advertising, product placement and integration, and publicity/public relations,  
- Emphasizes on the integration of advertising with other promotional-mix elements and the need to understand their role and overall contribution.
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Table of Contents

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Part 1: An Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications

Chapter 2: The Role of IMC in the Marketing Process

Part 2: Integrated Marketing Communications Program Situation Analysis

Chapter 3: Organizing for Advertising and Promotion: The Role of Ad Agencies and Other Marketing Communication Organizations

Chapter 4: Perspectives on Consumer Behavior

Part 3: Analyzing the Communication Process

Chapter 5: The Communication Process

Chapter 6: Source, Message, and Channel Factors

Part 4: Objectives and Budgeting for Integrated Marketing Communications Programs

Chapter 7: Establishing Objectives and Budgeting for the Promotional Program

Part 5: Developing the Integrated Marketing Communications Program

Chapter 8: Creative Strategy: Planning and Development

Chapter 9: Creative Strategy: Implementation and Evaluation

Chapter 10: Media Planning and Strategy

Chapter 11: Evaluation of Media: Television and Radio

Chapter 12: Evaluation of Media: Magazines and Newspapers

Chapter 13: Support Media

Chapter 14: Direct Marketing

Chapter 15: The Internet: Digital and Social Media

Chapter 16: Sales Promotion

Chapter 17: Public Relations, Publicity, and Corporate Advertising

Part 6: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Control

Chapter 18: Measuring the Effectiveness of the Promotional Program

Part 7: Special Topics and Perspectives

Chapter 19: International Advertising and Promotion

Chapter 20: Regulation of Advertising and Promotion

Chapter 21: Evaluating the Social, Ethical, and Economic Aspects of Advertising and Promotion

Chapter 22: Personal Selling (Online)