The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader: How to Succeed by Building Customer and Company Value
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Authors’ Note vii

Introduction: Doing Marketing Isn’t the Same as Leading Marketing 1

SECTION I Mobilize Your Boss

Power #1 Tackle Only Big Issues 17

Power #2 Deliver Returns, No Matter What 41

Power #3 Work Only with the Best 57

SECTION II Mobilize Your Colleagues

Power #4 Hit the Head and the Heart 65

Power #5 Walk the Halls 73

Power #6 You Go First 85

SECTION III Mobilize Your Team

Power #7 Get the Mix Right 95

Power #8 Cover Them in Trust 115

Power #9 Let the Outcomes Speak 131

SECTION IV Mobilize Yourself

Power #10 Fall in Love with Your World 149

Power #11 Know How You Inspire 169

Power #12 Aim Higher 183

It’s Time for Your Launch 191

Appendix: About the Research 195

Sources 207

Acknowledgments 215

Index 219