Connect 1-Semester Online Access for Macroeconomics
Connect 1-Semester Online Access for Macroeconomics

Connect 1-Semester Online Access for Macroeconomics

1st Edition

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ISBN10: 0077332482 | ISBN13: 9780077332488


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Program Details

Thinking Like an Economist

    Part 1: The Power of Economics

    Chapter 1 Economics and Life

    Chapter 2 Specialization and Exchange

    Appendix A Math Essentials: Understanding Graphs and Slope

    Part 2: Supply and Demand

    Chapter 3 Markets

    Appendix B Math Essentials: Working with Linear Equations

    Chapter 4 Elasticity

    Appendix C Math Essentials: Calculating Percentage Change, Slope, and Elasticity

    Chapter 5 Efficiency

    Appendix D Math Essentials: The Area Under a Linear Curve

    Chapter 6 Government Intervention

Macroeconomics: Thinking Like a Macroeconomist

    Part 3: The Data of Macroeconomics

    Chapter 7 Measuring the Wealth of Nations

    Chapter 8 The Cost of Living

    Part 4: Economic Growth and Unemployment

    Chapter 9 Economic Growth

    Chapter 10 Unemployment and the Demand for Labor

    Part 5: The Economy in the Short Run

    Chapter 11 Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

    Chapter 12 Fiscal Policy and Public Finance

    Part 6: The Financial System and Institutions

    Chapter 13 The Basics of Finance

    Appendix E Personal Finance (online)

    Chapter 14 Money and the Monetary System

    Chapter 15 Inflation

    Chapter 16 Financial Crisis

    Part 7: International Policy Issues

    Chapter 17 Open-Market Macroeconomics

    Chapter 18 Development Economics

Data Guide for Economists (online)