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Experience a dynamic suite of training options—including webinars, videos, and implementation guides—because everyone learns differently, and we believe in supporting all learners.

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Implementation & Training Resources

Contact the Implementation Team

Need help setting up Connect and getting your students started on the first day of class? Your Implementation Consultant will provide you with custom guidance and resources during a personalized Course Consultation to help you and your students start using Connect with confidence.

Request a one-on-one consultation with an Implementation Consultant. Click here to schedule your consultation today.

Peer Advice

Hear from a fellow instructor and long-time user of Connect to get tips on how to get the most out of your course.

Achieve higher student engagement and higher level learning while providing students with the practice needed to perform better in your course by requiring students to complete application work in Connect.

Make sure your students are prepared for class by requiring them to complete SmartBook reading assignments in Connect. You’ll be confident they did the readings you assigned since they’re graded and results are tracked in your Connect reports and LMS gradebook.

Make life simpler and easier by syncing Connect with your Learning Management System (LMS). Assignments and grades in Connect will automatically sync with your LMS calendar and gradebook while students enjoy single sign on registration.

Implementation Guides

Check out the downloadable, step-by-step Implementation Guides available for each course area here. These guides walk you through everything from the basics of setting up your course, using the reports throughout the term, to peer best practices and how to get support.

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Join your peers for a training session with our Implementation Team on the basics of getting started with Connect, from building assignments to integrating Connect with your learning management system. Register for a time that meets your schedule.

Step-by-Step Videos

Watch these step-by-step videos to get started on the basics to build your Connect course. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Using Connect


Know the Basics of Connect

Watch the Video

Build Your Connect Course & Assignments

Watch the Video

Use Connect Course Management Tools

Watch the Video

Get Your Course Ready for Class

Watch the Video

Check How Your Students are Performing

Watch the Video

Utilize SmartBook

Watch the Playlist

Copy Your Course for a New Term

Watch the Video


LMS Integration with Connect


Integrate Connect into Blackboard Learn

Watch the Video

Integrate Connect into Brightspace by D2L

Watch the Video

Integrate Connect into Canvas

Watch the Video

Integrate Connect into Moodle

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System Requirements

Before visiting technical support, do a quick check of your system for the latest plug-ins for Connect

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Contact Technical Support

If your system is up to date and you’re having a technical issue, visit the Digital Technical Support page here.

Contact Support via email or chat

Call us (800) 331 5094

Operating systems:

  • MS Windows 7

  • MS Windows 8

  • MS Windows 8.1

  • MS Windows 10

  • OSX 10.10 - Yosemite

  • OSX 10.9 - Mavericks

  • ChromeBook


  • Chrome 40+

  • Safari 7.x+

  • Firefox 35+

  • IE10+

  • Windows Edge Browser


  • Flash 11+

  • Java SE6, SE7

  • Quicktime 7.7+

Does your device meet the requirements for Connect? Click here to check your device.