Advanced integration technology completely automates the lecture capture workflow and powers Tegrity's highly-personalized learning environment.

Easy Integration

Unlike other lecture capture solutions that require separate databases to be synchronized, often through manual error-prone processes, Tegrity's advanced AAIRS™ integration functions like a modern web service. It establishes a secure real-time connection to one or more enterprise systems (LMS/SIS) to derive user, role, course and enrollment data that is always up-to-date, without requiring any manual intervention by IT. Then the real magic happens as Tegrity Campus uses this intelligent integration to deliver total automation and a highly-personalized, collaborative learning environment for students and instructors.

Supported Systems

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Simple Drag and Drop Configuration

In order to setup AAIRS™ to communicate in real-time with the LMS, there is a AAIRS™ connector on the Tegrity side, and a Tegrity supplied AAIRS™ agent that gets installed within the LMS. Once the agent is installed, the appropriate connector is then dragged and dropped into place within the AAIRS™ setup page in Tegrity. The two establish a connection and work together to completely automate the end-to-end lecture capture workflow for the institution; as well as deliver a rich set of highly-personalized learning features for students.

User Context and Personalization

While most lecture capture solutions integrate at the course level, Tegrity goes deeper - down to the individual user. This user context, powered by AAIRS™, drives all of Tegrity's personalization features. It's what enables Tegrity to let each instructor and student set their own bookmarks and take their own Tegrity Notes. It powers the Tegrity Connect social learning feature by using real-time enrollment data to automatically populate a user’s chat lists with their instructors and fellow classmates. And user context enables the institution to generate user-level reports, providing the ability to then correlate Tegrity usage with grades on a per-student or per-course basis.

Multi-source Authorization and Authentication

Tegrity AAIRS™ provides the utmost in flexibility by allowing the use of multiple authentication and multiple authorization systems concurrently. If your institution uses LDAP or Active Directory for authentication, and the LMS for authorization (which users have access to which courses, and their role for those courses), AAIRS can handle it. If your institution uses LDAP or Active Directory for authentication and multiple concurrent LMS, such as Blackboard and Moodle, for authorization, AAIRS can handle that too. This flexibility allows Tegrity to function seamlessly in environments where different schools within a university or system use different LMS, or where a school is transitioning from one LMS to another.

No Duplicate Databases, No Import/Export

Other lecture capture integrations require the synchronization of a second database, relying on manual, error-prone import/export processes. Since Tegrity AAIRS™ pings the LMS each time a user accesses Tegrity Campus, there is no second database. And since there is no second database, there aren't any import/export processes to monitor or manage. Furthermore, sensitive data such as usernames and passwords aren't being stored either.

Always Up-To-Date

Tegrity AAIRS runs like a modern web service, offering many advantages over more traditional integrations. Each time a user logs into Tegrity, AAIRS™ pings the appropriate authentication and authorization authorities to confirm identity and determine enrollment status, so the user always has access to recordings for their current courses. If a student adds a course a week into the semester, that change will automatically be reflected in Tegrity the next time they login. In other words, it’s always up-to-date, without any manual intervention by IT.

Support for Custom or Home Grown Systems

If you don't use a common CMS/LMS/SIS, no worries. Tegrity Campus can also support custom or home grown systems through our client services organization.

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